VES Awards Nominations 2020

This year I’ll be attending the 18th annual VES Awards in sunny California.

VFX is really where I got my start in the film and tv industry so this year I’m making an effort to be more active in the VFX space. Part of that effort is making a commitment to be active within the VES (Visual Effects Society). What better way to do that than fly out and attend the annual award show?

I plan on meeting up with a few old friends and making some new ones. Maybe I’ll revise this post with a recap when I get back.

Special shoutouts to this year’s nominations:

  • Barry St. John, Robert Legato, Tom Peitzman, Adam Valdez, Andrew R. Jones, and the rest of the team behind The Lion King
  • Tom Ford, Michael Maher Jr., Martin Pelletier, Andy Sowers and the rest of the team for their VFX work on Stranger Things
  • Dominic Remane, Mike Borrett, Ovidiu Cinazan, Tom Morrison, Paul Byrne, and the rest of the team who worked on VIKINGS; What Happens in the Cave. I recently worked with Alex Ludwig on an upcoming film titled SWING and gained an even better appreciation for VIKINGS.

Congrats to all of this years VES Award noms!

See The Full List Here

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