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SXSW 2018 Nick Savides and Sam Claitor

Hello! I am Sam

Filmmaker & Business Consultant 

In the beginning, I was the kid who spent too much time drawing cartoons. Life lead me to study business and design, and eventually to co-found an ad agency that still lives on today in the form of ThreeSixtyEight. A few years later I stumbled into the film industry. I headed into a meeting thinking I was about to lock down a new advertising client and I walked out with a new career. While working in the film industry on projects like Blue Ruin, Star Trek Into Darkness, and the television series Sleepy Hollow I soon found myself teaming up with companies like Marvel and Universal Pictures.

In recent years, I teamed up with cinematographer Matt S. Bell to start the Louisiana based production company Fable House. I’ve produced about a dozen feature films, a number of commercials, and consulted on a range of other projects for entertainment businesses.

I love making movies and want to work with people who share my passion for visual storytelling and artistry.

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If you’re lucky enough to know Sam, you know he’s a great colleague. Always generous with his time, expertise and skill. I have been fortunate enough to hire him as a producer and also sit down and pick his brain for tips on filmmaking. It’s always a pleasure working with him.

Linda Midgett

Director/Producer, Midgett Productions


Fable House is a Louisiana film finance, development, production, and distribution company co-founded by me (Sam Claitor) and cinematographer Matt S. Bell. The short answer: we make films and we love doing it.

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